Softwash + Sealer + Algae Removing System Kit!

Improved and further developed until June 2020.

What do you get after purchasing this product?

- Full specification of the necessary parts.

- Recommended Dutch suppliers in the Netherlands where you can order the parts.

- The Dakshampoo® Softwash + Sealer + Algae Removing System Kit.

Who is it for?

- HOA's, individuals and companies

What are the advantages of this softwash system?

- A new innovative and professional system to keep track of your property.

- You no longer need to use companies to clean your terrace, facade or roof tiles.

- Your facade, terrace and roof tiles will last longer.

- In time you will be very beneficial for the maintenance of your building.

- Cheaper to buy than many other professional cleaning systems.

- Only the elements that are needed.

- Economical in use compared to other softwash systems.

- Cheap in maintenance.

- Parts can be ordered in the Netherlands.

- Spray power and length extendable.

A brief description of the system

- A low water pressure system for spraying Dakshampoo® products with 4.5 bar.

Softwash System (Professional) Suitable for the TS Green Scale Remover and Fast Cleaner.

A brief specification of the complete softwash system:

- 1 electric water pump

- water hoses

- 3 different spray lances

- various links

- various Nozzles

What can you do with a softwash system?

- You can effortlessly electrically spray the Dakshampoo® products and spray about 8 meters far.

What is this system not intended for?

- You cannot use it to clean gum, rust, grease or cement veil.

Where can I install the system?

- The system takes up approximately 2 m2 of space. You can leave the system in your shed or garage.

- The system is movable.

The softwash / sealer / TS Algae Remover spray system

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Softwash + Sealer + Algae Removing System Kit

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