• 12x Dakshampoo® Facade Sealer (solvent-based) 20L Can

Impregnate your facade with the Dakshampoo® Facade Impregnating Agent (solvent-based).

The Dakshampoo® Facade Impregnating Agent (solvent-based) is the Rolex under the facade impregnating agents. But unlike the watches, this product is very affordable, but it offers the same top performance.

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 water repellent

vinkje dakgoot schoonmaken

 highly concentrated

vinkje dakgoot schoonmaken

 8% active ingredient

vinkje dakgoot schoonmaken

  based on silanes and siloxanes

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   alkali and UV light resistant

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  prevents algae growth

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   also on surfaces where façade impregnation has already been applied


Dakshampoo® Facade Impregnator is a siloxane-based hydrophobing colorless facade impregnator with low odor solvent.


Dakshampoo® Facade Impregnating Agent is suitable for hydrophobic treatment of mineral porous surfaces. Substrates to be treated are: brick, broken brick, sand-lime brick, broken sand-lime brick, mineral plaster, aerated concrete and foam concrete. Dakshampoo® Facade Impregnating Agent can also be applied to surfaces on which facade impregnation has already been applied in the past. In contrast to a water-based impregnating agent, a water-based facade impregnating agent can only be used on untreated surfaces.


Vapor permeable Odorless Extremely durable UV-resistant Penetrates deep into the surface Dakshampoo® Facade Impregnating agent has an active substance content of 8%


New, existing and / or cleaned (steam, chemical or blasted) facades / walls. Even if these have already been impregnated with liquid or cream. Durable A facade treated with Dakshampoo® Facade Impregnating Agent is durable for at least 15 years. Processing tips 1. Clean an existing contaminated facade / wall with a high-pressure cleaner (hot water high-pressure cleaners give the best result). Clean façades that are contaminated by biological growth such as algae, fungi and mosses with Dakshampoo® Fast Cleaner. 3. Repairing faulty and / or poor jointing and cracks before the facade impregnation is 0.2 mm crack-bridging. 4. With new masonry and / or jointing, only impregnate after 2 weeks. 5. Dakshampoo® Facade Impregnating Agent can be applied on a slightly damp surface. 6. Carefully cover / tape windows, glass, paving, plants and other parts that must not come into contact with the impregnating liquid. 7. Dakshampoo® Facade Impregnating Agent can be applied with a low-pressure liquid pump or with a low-pressure pressure sprayer, the surface must be saturated in such a way that a 30 to 50 cm long liquid film runs over the surface. 8. Dakshampoo® Facade Impregnating agent is applied wet in wet from top to bottom, it is recommended to impregnate facades without interruption after drying of the impregnating liquid, it is no longer visible what is and what is not impregnated. 9. In strong winds and bright sun, the liquid can evaporate too quickly, reducing the penetration depth. 10. Dakshampoo® Facade Impregnating Agent is best used at temperatures between 7 ° C and 22 ° C. 11. The treated facade / wall must be protected from rain for at least 4 hours. 12. Always consult the technical data sheet before starting work.


The consumption of Dakshampoo® Facade Impregnating Agent is between 0.4 and 1.2 Ltr per m2


The aim is 5 working days. A faster delivery time is possible in consultation.

Pay attention! We will not take back opened jerry cans. The shipping costs are also relatively high compared to the cost price because it concerns an ADR (dangerous) shipment. In case you want to return an unopened jerry can, this is possible in consultation, however you must organize the transport yourself and pay the costs yourself. Please see our Terms and Conditions for all details regarding your Right of Return. (We recommend ordering the 10 liter jerry can in case you want to try it out.)

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12x Dakshampoo® Facade Sealer (solvent-based) 20L Can

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