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Roof coating treatment

If your roof tiles have become fragile over the years and the top layer has been damaged, this can be remedied by replacing your roof tiles or allowing them to be coated / painted. A new coating / coat of paint on your roof tiles will make your roof tiles as new again and reinforce them with a new thick layer of paint. You can choose a color to your liking to give your home the appearance of your dreams. A roof coating treatment is usually 50-70% cheaper than new roof tiles.

With roof coating, it is very important that the roof tiles are cleaned deep into the pores, also no small pieces of moss or mold should remain. By applying our roof shampoo, the stains on the roof tiles are broken down into the pores within an hour. Thanks to the working of our roof shampoo, we can rins off the stubborn stains with 40-110 bar water pressure. Cleaning with too high water pressure of 150-320 bar is harmful to the outer layer of roof tiles and should be avoided.


Are your roof tiles ready for replacement? With roof coating your roof will be as new again! 

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vinkje dakgoot schoonmaken

  your roof tiles get a second life

vinkje dakgoot schoonmaken

  the results are fantastic

vinkje dakgoot schoonmaken

  beautiful appearance

vinkje dakgoot schoonmaken

  cheap alternative to new roof tiles



- we charge € 22.50 per m2 for roof tiles made of concrete with a minimum amount of € 2250, -

- the prices include cleaning and pretreatment with our primer.

- a color as desired outside our standard colors is free of charge from 175 m2 of roof surface

- the prices are based on an average polluted roof with good accessibility. Gutter up to 7 meters high. Throughout the Netherlands on location.


High quality Dakshampoo® roof coating and primer.

Our roof coating is of very high quality, in our experience very nice to work with. It has been used to full satisfaction by many colleagues at home and abroad for many years. The roof coating and primer can be ordered in our webshop by clicking here.

Blik 20 kg Dakcoating zijdeglans     Pre dakcoating primer 10 L


There are always 12 standard colors on stock and special colors can be made from 150 kg to your liking.

dakcoating kleuren


For the longest possible life span of your roof tiles with roof coating / roof paint, it is important to keep them free of organisms like algae. For continuous protection, we treat your roof once or every two years with our roof conditioner. This treatment is cost-effective in the long term and ensures that your roof tiles will not be damaged again by harmful organisms such as algae and mosses. The lifetime of your coated roof tiles will be extended by our roof conditioner for many years.

Our work area

For the application of a roof coating customers from all over the Netherlands but also occasionally foreign customers can contact us.


Tip! Because of our climate, algae grows fairly quickly on roof tiles, facades and terraces. We only recommend a thorough cleaning once. Then it is sufficient to spray the roof once a year with Dakshampoo® to keep it nice and clean. You can do this by yourself with one of our products or let us do it.


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