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  • Roof Cleaning

Professional roof cleaning system with low water pressure for an immediate clean result

Thanks to our special roof shampoo, the roof tiles can be sprayed and easily rinsed off with a low water pressure cleaner so that roof tiles will not be damaged. Even fragile roof tiles endure this treatment without any problems. We work with the aid of telescopic tools from a ladder. In most cases we can reach the entire roof without having to walk on it, so no chance of broken roof tiles. The results are immediate!


Is your roof ready for a cleaning and inspection? With Dakshampoo® your roof is in safe hands!

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vinkje dakgoot schoonmaken

  immediate clean result

vinkje dakgoot schoonmaken

  cleaning with low water pressure

vinkje dakgoot schoonmaken

  we will not walk on your roof

vinkje dakgoot schoonmaken

  safe for vulnerable roof tiles

vinkje dakgoot schoonmaken

  broken roof tiles will be replaced

vinkje dakgoot schoonmaken




- we charge € 7.86 per m2 for ceramic roof tiles or slates with a minimum amount of € 450, -

- we charge € 9.55 per m2 for roof tiles made of concrete with a minimum amount of € 450, -

- the prices are based on an average polluted roof with good accessibility. Gutter up to 7 meters high. Throughout the Netherlands on location.


Do you want to clean your roof by yourself?

Our Dakshampoo® products such as the snelreiniger, TS Groeneaanslagverwijderaar and sealer agent can also be ordered for your own use in our shop through this link.

Dakshampoo SNELREINIGER    impregneermiddel dakshampoo    TS groeneaanslag verwijderaar


Tip! Because of our climate, algae grows fairly quickly on roof tiles, facades and terraces. We only recommend a thorough cleaning once. Then it is sufficient to spray the roof once a year with Dakshampoo® to keep it nice and clean. You can do this by yourself with one of our products or let us do it.


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