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  • Cleaning

Our cleaning services

Below you will find all our cleaning services. Also consider a Dakshampoo® spray treatment. An excellent result within 20 minutes, without a pressure washer! No chance of leaks, damage and above all faster and cheaper!


roof cleaning softwash dakshampoo

 Roof cleaning



facade cleaning softwash dakshampoo

Facade cleaning



patio cleaning softwash dakshampoo

Terrace cleaning




patio cleaning softwash dakshampoo

Other applications



Our softwash cleaning products for roof, facade and terrace

Our Dakshampoo® cleaning products such as the rapid cleaner, TS Green scale remover and impregnating agent can also be ordered for your own use in our webshop.

Dakshampoo FAST CLEANERTS green scale remover   impregnating agent dakshampoo

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Delivery throughout the Netherlands, Europe and worldwide

Before ordering the Dakshampoo® products, customers from all over the Netherlands, but also worldwide, can come to us.


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