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About us

Since 2014 40px first softwash specialist in the Netherlands dakshampoo 2014 is Dakshampoo the first SOFTWASH specialist in the Netherlands

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The advantages

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 performance by one person

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 safe cleaning methods

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 proven results

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 professional with a lot of experience


How did it all come about?

Dakshampoo®, was founded after researching different roof cleaning methods. We ended up with the company "Dachshampoo" in Germany. After speaking with one of the many dealers in Germany, our feeling was confirmed. The owner was willing to teach us the tricks of the trade so that we would take his Dachshampoo. Without a doubt, their softwash method and cleaning agent "Dachshampoo" was a fantastic invention with many satisfied customers. We were impressed by the telescopic softwash cleaning system using "Dachshampoo softwash" for cleaning roofs, as well as facades and terraces. The dirt came off so easily and all this with relatively little water pressure. A system that is gentle on the ground and in most cases feasible without having to walk on the roof. We were convinced that with this new softwash roof cleaning method we could add something in the field of safety and effectiveness in the Netherlands. After training by the softwash roof cleaning specialist from Germany 'Ralf Kreynschmidt', inventor of "Dachshampoo", we immediately got to work and obtained our first customers easily via Marktplaats. There was clearly a need for a safe and effective cleaning method without harmful high water pressure. And so far with great success and many satisfied customers as a result, more than 1000 now! 


The sale of the agent "Quick cleaner" softwash.

Each time we went to personally collect the cleaning agent in Germany from the company "Dachshampoo". It was always interesting to be able to exchange ideas with the owner on how best to tackle certain jobs. The company was also constantly testing new products and improving current ones, such as the RK3. Unfortunately, Mr. Ralf Kreynschmidt passed away suddenly as a result of a brain haemorrhage. Then, unfortunately, there were suddenly uncertainties regarding the further purchase of the product, which forced us to knock on the door of various chemical companies to develop a similar product. After several unsuccessful attempts, we finally succeeded and after a few years we decided to also offer the product via our webshop. 

"Dakshampoo® has brought about a softwash revolution in the roof cleaning industry since 2014."



What can we about mister DAKSHAMPOO tell 'Krystian'?

Customers also call him "mister Dakshampoo" or "roof artist". Krystian always tries his best to achieve the best possible result. He works calmly, likes to look at the result from a distance, and if he is not completely satisfied he stays a few hours or a day longer to make it more beautiful It is unbelievable how he can make an old worn out roof of 35 years old by means of roof coating so beautiful again that it looks like new He prefers to work alone so that he can feel completely at home work can focus. It is physically demanding work, but accompanied by a lot of freedom. He likes to speak to customers as much as possible himself and is free to determine his working hours. 


Working method of Dakshampoo® in general.

We are happy to offer you comfort, so that you are inconvenienced as little as possible by our work. The facades and windows are neatly rinsed, sidewalks are swept and gutters are checked. During and after performing the dakshampoo treatments we ensure that your house is tidy. 's mission Dakshampoo® is to help homeowners with a high quality treatment to safely, worry-free and cost-effectively extend the life of their roof and save on future maintenance.


Our website...

This easy-to-use website has been created to help you make the best possible decision when it comes to improving the wellbeing of your roof and restoring the beauty of your home. We think you'll eventually agree with us - Dakshampoo® is the best method for cleaning your roof. Please take the time to browse the site and thank you for visiting! (Dakshampoo ©)


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■ clean, impregnate and color coat tiled roofs.
■ terrace cleaning and impregnation
■ outside sauce and stucco cleaning
■ clean masonry cleaning and impregnation with facade cream
■ roof cleaning and roof coating training courses


■ detached houses (roof gutter up to 7 meters high)
■ bungalows
■ business premises (maximum height 12 meters)


■ Dakshampoo® quick cleaner soft wash
■ RK3 concentrate
■ Roof coating
■ Impregnation Agents
■ Soft wash system

Dakshampoo is the first company in the Netherlands that ..........

→ cleans roofs, facades and terraces with softwash, as in the USA.

→ cleans roof tiles with a unique telescopic system with a lower water pressure.

→ is engaged in the development and supply of softwash products for roofs, facades and terraces.

→ provides roof cleaning, roof coating training.


Did you know that "Dakshampoo® "is a protected trademark?

→ "Dakshampoo"is a protected brand name and also our trade name. It may not be mentioned or used by other companies. If this happens, it is a trademark infringement. 

(Dakshampoo ©)


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