LIFETIME STAIN-FREE WARRANTIES ARE AVAILABLE - Protect your shingles AND your initial roof cleaning investment with the annual Roof Stain Prevention Program. Learn more by clicking here.

Stain prevention

The "Roof Conditioner to keep your roof clean."


Protect your roof tiles and your original roof cleaning investment with the annual "roof conditioner" treatment, also called a roof foam or spray treatment.

With a "Roof Conditioner" subscription, a lifetime warranty is available for a clean roof. The "Roof Conditioner" treatment is biodegradable. When the "Roof Conditioner" treatment is repeated annually, it ensures that a roof will remain free of algae, molds, mosses and lichens for the entire lifetime. A roof covering requires regular care for maximum lifespan and lowest maintenance costs. Algae, lichens and mosses are harmful to your roof and can cause damage to roof tiles.

With the annual "roof conditioner" treatment, your Dakshampoo® professional sprays the product on your roof that was previously cleaned with Dakshampoo®. This preventive solution prevents your roof from being again completely covered by algae, fungi, lichens or mosses.

Do you remember how your roof looked like before you had a Dakshampoo® treatment? Don't allow those ugly spots on your roof to return. Please contact your Dakshampoo® professional for a price estimate that is tailored to your situation, for an annual preventive treatment. The Dakshampoo® professional is looking forward to helping you keep your roof clean!


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