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The Dakshampoo® treatment with immediate clean result

Which products do you use to remove the stains on the roof?

The Dakshampoo® fast cleaner (Snelreiniger). The product is highly biodegradable and specially designed for cleaning roof tiles. Because our products are safe, they can also be applied to dormer windows, fences, facades and terraces.

Will the treatment damage the plants around my house?

No, the treatment is carried out professionally and will not damage the vegetation around your home. We usually even do not have to cover your plants.

Do you walk on my roof?

It is rare, it is almost never necessary. Because we work with a telescopic lance we can reach the entire roof with the aid of a ladder.

Do you use high-pressure cleaning for the roof?

Due to the effective operation of the cleaning product, high-pressure cleaning is no longer required. The actual water pressure through our telescopic method will be about 40-50 bar (at most 110 bar if we use short lances). This is because we work with a long telescopic lance where the length already takes a lot of pressure off and the dirt cutter is kept at a distance of about 35 cm from the surface. Because our shampoo does the job we do not need so much pressure to remove the dirt. High pressure cleaning without roof shampoo is very harmful to roof tiles, a lot of water pressure would be needed to remove the dirt by itself. It is simply not an effective way to remove the algae and stains from roofs. All our roof cleaning tools are specially calibrated for low water pressure to safely and effectively spray the stains that have been loosened by the Dakshampoo®.

How long will the stains stay away from my roof after I have had my roof cleaned using the Dakshampoo® system?

When your Dakshampoo® professional has completed the cleaning of your roof, it will be as clean as a new roof. Because it is impossible to predict for a new roof how long it will take before it gets dirty again, the same applies to a roof that has been cleaned using the Dakshampoo® system.

What are the disadvantages of a dirty roof?

With time, it can cover your entire roof. A roof covered with stains absorbs heat and results in an overheated attic, it increases your cooling costs. In addition, algae feed on the organic material from your roof covering. Untreated, your roofing should be replaced prematurely, which is expensive. Why would you allow this while you can professionally clean your roof and restore it to its original and natural color? And that for a fraction of the cost of replacing your roof.

Why should I choose a Dakshampoo® treatment instead of another company that also cleans roofs?

Your roof will be clean immediately after the treatment. Dakshampoo® breaks down the dirt quickly so that no harmful high water pressure is needed. Roof tiles do not get rough and will last longer. The Dakshampoo® roof cleaning system is safe and effective. Dakshampoo® is a trusted company. Thousands of roofs have been cleaned with the Dakshampoo® products and system. Do your homework well before you just hire someone to have work done on your roof. It is wise to hire a company with an excellent reputation. Choose a Dakshampoo® treatment.

What are the costs for a roof shampoo or roof coating treatment?

The price depends on a number of things including the degree of dirt, accessibility, type of roof tile, condition of the roof tiles and the amount of shampoo needed. Not only the number of m2 can be assumed.

Contact Dakshampoo® for professional cleaning and coating of your roof tiles.


Dakshampoo® snelreiniger (quick cleaner)

In which weather can I best apply the product?

Spray the surface in dry weather. After spraying, it should remain dry for 10-20 minutes, a little rain would not hurt but rather not.

How to treat if the roof is very overgrown with mosses?

Spray the surface well with roof shampoo, use more liquid so that it penetrates better. Or first clean the roof with an hd cleaner to save roof shampoo.

How to treat in warm weather?

Spray the surface with water first and then with the roof shampoo otherwise you need more roof shampoo.

How do I treat other surfaces around the roof?

Dont let it dry out but keep watering your plants or paintwork. Always keep a garden hose at hand when spraying with roof shampoo. The best thing to do is to spray all paintwork such as window frames first with soapy water from green soap with 1:10 dilution. Before you spray Dakshampoo first wet all the woodwork and paintwork and frames and keep washing the dakshampoo off of it.

How do I treat vegetation during spraying with roof shampoo?

Wet the vegetation before you start working with the solution. After spraying with the solution, you can rinse the vegetation with water off again.

How can I mix the roof shampoo best?

Roof tiles - 1:3 to 1:1 (1 liter roof shampoo with 1-3 liters of water)!

Frames and fences - 1:6-14, depending on the degree of dirt and quality of the paint. Start with 1:14.

pavement - 1:3

Fences - 1: 3

Second treatment afther rinsing off the roof 1:10

How do I treat the terrace or pavement the best?

Spray the stones until they become wet from the roof shampoo. Leave it on there for 20 minutes and rinse it off with an hd cleaner. Or wet the stones with the roof shampoo, spray excessively. Wait 20 minutes. Is the result clean leave the roof shampoo then on it and let the rain do the work for you or rinse it off with a garden hose. If the result is not yet satisfactory, spray the stones again with roof shampoo the result will be better after spraying again and again within minutes. After you have achieved a clean result, you can spray roof shampoo on the bricks once a year and have the weather do the work without using an HD cleaner.

How do I treat paintwork or plastics?

First test a lesser strength mixture like 1:14 and if the result is not satisfactory make it stronger to a maximum of 1:6. Spray the surfaces with roof shampoo. Let the agent work for 5-15 minutes and rinse it off with a garden hose.

What does roof shampoo do with my clothes?

When spraying with Dakshampoo, wear synthetic clothing or 100% polyester otherwise you may get stains in your clothing. So always warn others around the house before you start spraying.



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