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    Spraying the roof with the softwash method

    Softwash spray treatment with the Dakshampoo® fast cleaner.

    This is the most chosen spray treatment because of its fast effect and because the weather plays a much less role. An additional big advantage is that we can also immediately take the terrace, facade, buoys or woodwork with us. Handy if you want to keep your house neat and fresh every year. The results are excellent, especially when performed twice with a minimum of 6 weeks in between.


     Advice for heavily soiled roofs with lichen = spray at least 2x with 6 weeks in between.

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    Photos before and 5 minutes after spraying once 
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     check mark cleaning gutterwithin 5 minutes visible result

    check mark cleaning gutter without pressure washer

    check mark cleaning gutter no chance of leaks

    check mark cleaning gutter hard showers will drain the dirt

    check mark cleaning gutter to process in both damp and dry weather

    check mark cleaning gutter  facades, buoys, woodwork and terrace can be treated with quick results

    check mark cleaning gutter the agent dissolves in the air and is biodegradable


    softwash roof foam roof tiles 2198px    softwash roof foam roof tiles 3198px    softwash roof foam roof tiles 4px198

    [photo 1 before treatment]

    [photo 2 after spraying in 5 minutes]

    [photo 3 after 1, 2 or 3 treatments]



    Request a quote / price indication

    To be able to make a quotation / indication of the costs, the following information is necessary. This is important to determine what your wishes are, how we should proceed, determine the amount of work, which tools should be used and which roof cleaning treatment is possible for your roof. Below 13 points that are important when making a price indication.

    ● Clear image of the roof all around for accessibility, estimate of the amount of work.

    ● Number of m2 of the total roof areas.

    ● What is the year of construction of the house and how old are the roof tiles?

    ● Is there algae, moss or lichen present and to what extent?

    ● What are the types of roof tiles? Ceramic or concrete? 

    ● What is the address of the house regarding travel times?

    ● Is there a water and electricity connection available?

    We would like to hear from you what your thoughts are on this and how we can best help you further. Click here for our terms and conditions.


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    Frequently asked questions about our roof cleaning treatment

    How do I measure my roof?

    First measure the 2nd roof tile from the bottom. Then count the number of roof tiles in height and width and multiply it. An example: roof tile is 30 wide and 32 high. The roof is 14 roof tiles high with a ridge tile, which we count as half a roof tile. The roof is 54 tiles wide. Calculation example roof height: 14.5 x 0.32 = 4.64 m1 Calculation example roof width: 54 x 0.30 = 16.2 m1 Total = 16.2 x 4.64 = 75 m2. Is the other side of the roof the same? Then the roof is 2 x 75 m2 = 150 m2. The sides of the roof tiles along the wind springs are approximately 0.08 m2 each. In this case 4x 14.5 = 58 * 0.08 = 4.64 m2


    Tip! Due to our climate, algae growth takes place fairly quickly on roof tiles, facades and terraces. We recommend a thorough cleaning only once. Then it is sufficient to cover the roof once a year dakshampoo to spray to keep it nice and clean. You can do this yourself with one of our products or have it done.


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