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Roof coating treatment

If your roof tiles have become brittle over the years and the top layer has been damaged, this can be remedied by replacing your roof tiles or having them coated / painted. A new coating / paint layer on your roof tiles will make your roof tiles like new again and will be reinforced by a new thick layer of paint. You can choose a color of your choice to give your home the look of your dreams. Coating / painting roof tiles is usually 50-70% cheaper than new roof tiles.

With roof coating it is very important that the roof tiles are cleaned deep into the pores, and no small pieces of moss or fungus may remain behind. By applying our dakshampoo the roof covering is broken down deep into the pores within an hour. Through the operation of our dakshampoo we can already spray the most stubborn stains with 40-110 bar. Cleaning with a water pressure of 150-320 bar that is too high is harmful to the outer layer of roof tiles.

Do your roof tiles need to be replaced? With our special roof coating, your roof will be like new again!



Roof cleaning + roof coating treatment:

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check mark cleaning gutter

 our roof coating contains one anti-algae ingredient

check mark cleaning gutter

 your roof tiles are given a second life

check mark cleaning gutter

 a beautiful result, like new 

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 cheap alternative to new roof tiles

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 10-year warranty, 30-year lifespan

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 temporarily charged with 9% VAT instead of 21% VAT


Advice = spray first with the Dakshampoo® fast cleaner.

   The high-pressure sprayer leaves visible and invisible residues of dirt behind in 99% of the cases.

  • Remains of moss often remain
  • 5 minutes after spraying
  • Remains of moss
  • 5 minutes after spraying
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 check mark cleaning gutterwithin 5 minutes result

check mark cleaning gutter dissolves residual pollution

check mark cleaning gutter improves the adhesion of roof coating

check mark cleaning gutter stops lichen, moss and algae growth under the roof coating


High Quality Dakshampoo® anti-algae roof coating and primer.

Our roof coating is of very high quality, which is very pleasant to work with in our experience. It has been used to their full satisfaction by many colleagues at home and abroad for years. The roof coating and primer can be ordered in our webshop by . to click. 




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Roof coating Primer base coating small

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Tin 20 kg Roof coating satin gloss

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De standard en premium therapy.

For roof tiles with a less porous surface, a standard roof coating treatment ensures a nice even result. Rough roof tiles, however, need other treatment to prevent a blotchy result and future growth of algae, moss and lichen. With a premium treatment, a thicker layer of roof coating is applied, the porous roof tiles are smoothed, as it were, filled. 


There are always 12 standard colors in stock and special colors can be made as desired for free from 150 kg.

roof coating colors

  Product data sheet roof coating satin gloss. Click here.


For the longest possible lifespan of your roof tiles with roof coating / roof paint, it is important to keep them free from organisms. For continuous protection, we treat your roof with our once every two years roof conditioner. This treatment is cost-effective in the long term and ensures that your roof tiles will not be affected by harmful organisms such as algae, fungi and moss. The lifespan of your coated roof tiles will be extended by many years by our roof conditioner.


Our working area

We are nationally and internationally oriented for roof coating treatments.


Request a quote or price indication

There is a lot to consider with a roof coating treatment. To make a quotation / price indication, we need certain information such as determining the plan of action, estimating man hours, determining whether certain aids are needed such as a cherry picker or scaffolding and determining which roof coating treatment you prefer. In some cases a roof coating treatment is not possible. Below are the points that are important when making a price indication or quotation for roof coating treatments.

● Clear image of the roof all around for accessibility, estimate of the amount of work.

● Is there algae, moss and lichen present? To what extent?

● What is the year of construction of the house? How old are the roof tiles?

● Are they ceramic or concrete roof tiles?

● Do you have roof tiles left as a spare? And how much?

● What is the condition of the roof boarding and battens? Are these dry?

● Have there already been leaks? 

● Have the roof tiles been impregnated in the past?

● Which roof coating treatment do you prefer? De Standaard or Premium treatment (extra layer thickness for extra lifespan and appearance with highly porous roof tiles)

● What is the address of the house regarding travel times?

● Is there a water and electricity connection available?


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Frequently asked questions about our roof coating treatment

Is a roof coating treatment sustainable?

The treatment is very durable, but it must be carried out in the right way with the right products under the right weather conditions. 


Someone from construction says it's a waste of money. How is that possible?

One of the reasons is because a lot of substandard work is delivered by companies that do not specialize in roof coating, usually it is done on the side. Another reason could be that the construction world misses out on large orders due to roof coating treatments; supplying new roof tiles, insulating, replacing battens, repairs to gutters, etc. 


Can the coating come off after a few years?

If it is applied in the right way, with the right material under the right weather conditions, it is impossible for the roof coating to come off by itself. We have never experienced it with our customers and come back to some customers after years for maintenance to keep it clean. We even note that in many cases our roof coating lasts longer than the coating of new roof tiles. 


Isn't the impregnation of my roof tiles more sustainable?

After impregnation, dirt and moss can unfortunately settle again between your roof tiles. Impregnating ceramic roof tiles or concrete roof tiles on which the original coating is still present is pointless because the impregnation agent cannot penetrate there. It is also important that after impregnation, in connection with the adhesion, you can no longer have your roof coated in a color for at least 10 years. Impregnating a worn-out roof with open pores works best, the disadvantage is that your roof tiles will remain fragile and still look worn.


Isn't it cheaper to have new roof tiles installed?

This question is often asked by homeowners who have replaced their roof tiles on their house and then only charge the cost of purchasing the roof tiles. In case you also carry out the roof coating treatment yourself and only the costs of the coating dakshampoo a roof coating treatment will always be cheaper.


How do I measure my roof for an indication of the costs?

First, measure the 2nd roof tile from the bottom. Then count the number of roof tiles in height and width and multiply it. An example: roof tile is 30 wide and 32 high. The roof is 14 roof tiles high with a ridge tile, which we count as half a roof tile. The roof is 54 tiles wide. Calculation example roof height: 14.5 x 0.32 = 4.64 m1 Calculation example roof width: 54 x 0.30 = 16.2 m1 Total = 16.2 x 4.64 = 75 m2. Is the other side of the roof the same? Then the roof is 2 x 75 m2 = 150 m2. The sides of the roof tiles along the wind springs are approximately 0.08 m2 each. In this case 4x 14.5 = 58 * 0.08 = 4.64 m2 - Note! We all include skylights, solar panels and dormer windows in roof coating treatments. This concerns additional work to keep it clean.


Can I also coat my roof myself?

We encourage everyone to consider coating the roof yourself. Little can go wrong with a roller and a brush. We do not recommend spraying paint because it requires a lot of experience to spray it really nicely evenly. Several of our customers have coated their roof themselves and that has always gone well. Click . to read more about how to coat your roof yourself.


Tip! Due to our climate, algae growth takes place fairly quickly on roof tiles, facades and terraces. We recommend after a roof coating once a year with the roof dakshampoo to spray to keep it nice and clean. You can do this yourself with one of our products or let us do it.


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